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With over 20 years of experience in the field of Architectural &
Professional lighting, we developed TAGLIGHT, a dynamic and ever-evolving Lighting  Fixture firm capable of  fully meeting any
Architectural & Professional lighng requirements as well as the
development of lighng studies.
TAGLIGHT has a long history, experience, and know-how in the field of
Architectural and Professional Lighting, and although being launched
in 2019, it is the evoluon of previous firms founded by the same
partners in 1970, and has already established itself in the Greek
As a result, TAGLIGHT is a modern and well-organized lighting fixture
design, manufacturing, and markeng organization.
Our production is mostly self-contained, resulting in a high-quality
production process that adheres to EU regulations and specifications,
as well as fast product delivery.
The company is based in Athens, with new offices-showroom, as well
as its own production facilies in Western Athens, where high-quality
luminaires and specifications are designed, produced , assembled and
distributed, integrang all modern lighting technologies with highefficiency LED devices and control systems (CASAMBI, DALI, etc.).
All of our company’s products are designed so that they achieve
lowering running expenses, minimal maintenance costs, high lighting
efficiency, and maximum lighng quality for the improvement of a safe
working environment.
Our many years of experience in the field of lighting, as well as our
know-how and current manufacturing methods, enable us to design
unique structures with the potential to create custom products
depending on the needs and specifications of each application,
satisfying even the most demanding customers. We also provide the
option of retrofitting old technology luminaires with LEDs.
All of our lighng fixtures are properly approved and meet all of the
European Union’s relevant requirements and standards for proper
operation and safety.
TAGLIGHT is accredited to ISO9001 & ISO140001 standards.

In addition to our own range of lighng fixtures that we design,
produce, and sell, we also import and distribute products from other
well-known manufacturers, such as:
- Kosnic S.A. UK, Commercial Lighting
- Elstead Lighng UK, Architectural Lighting
- Lead Well Tech China, Digital Lighting Control Systems
- Bes-A Elektrik Turkey, Emergency Lighting Systems
- FernHoward Lighng UK, Commercial Lighting & Led lamps
- Pelsan Lighng Turkey, Commercial & Architectural Lighting
- 59s Hong Kong, Disinfection Systems

We are happy to present to you our new catalogue which includes
some standard lighting solutions of our range and we are at your
disposal to discuss in more details and provide all the appropriate
information to design and produce Architectural &
Commercial lighting solutions that can fully match your specific
standards and requirements.

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We provide you complete lighting proposals for your spase

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We provide you complete lighting studies with Dialux software for your project